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Sans by C3POwn Sans :iconc3pown:C3POwn 4 2
Feel good thoughts
Fields ablaze with the morning sun,
cast aside for my greed's pollution.
I sell myself for smiles and love,
never to find that perfect dove.
The one who looks and truly sees,
my aching heart, screaming please.
A thought flickers and grows to flame,
my mind burns, my body much the same.
When will that angel tell me "No,
you are you and rightfully so.
In the chaos, fear, anger and pain,
lies beauty, kindness, so much to gain.
Raise your head and see as I see,
a painting so stunning, it deserves to be."
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 5 5
The Frog Wizard of My Heart by C3POwn The Frog Wizard of My Heart :iconc3pown:C3POwn 2 0
"So, are you done thinking?" The sentence came through, but the meaning didn't. "It's simple realy, one of the
two, it doesn't matter, just pick" Of course it was simple, it was the easiest choice you could imagine, both
would end in a similar fashion so why the doubt right? At least, that's what I thought, but my mind was in
turmoil, it didn't want to make this choice, it wanted to take secret option number three, but that just wasn't
"I-" My thoughts went blank as my heart increased it's beats per minute. "I choose option one, please." Why did
I say please? Like I wanted option one to happen, like it was something I very much desired. My shaking hands told me
other wise, they told me I would've rather just opened that door and run untill my legs would break under the strain.
"Of course, I hope you're ready" The man said as he strapped me to a wheelchair and guided me outside.
A man wearing black joined along, talking about things I didn't care about. The people standing aro
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 2 0
An angel's curse
"Excuse me sir! Sir!" The woman ran towards me, in her hands something wrapped in a sheet.
Great, another one, I thought to myself as the woman came to a grinding halt right in front of
my feet. "Sir, I beg you, you must help me, I-I don't know where else to turn to." Tears
started to form not just in her eyes, but in mine aswell, as I caught a glimpse of what was
hidden inside the sheet. A child, blue and purple, dead for quite a while now, the disformed
heap of what used to be human wasn't a pleasant sight. "Jeezes woman, get that thing away from
me!" I yelled, shielding my eyes with my right hand while gesturing her away with the other.
"Please, I-I've seen you on the news, they say you can-" I stopped her from finishing. "Oh realy?!
Well isn't that great for you! You saw the news?! How interesting!" The rage of having to see
disfigured corpses dragged to me had become too much. "Why are you yelling at me? I just thought-"
The tears in her eyes had turned to rivers, eroding away the
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 4 17
Entertainment for the wicked
"falling gifts from outer life inside the outer box lifted from pain by death and love
but not for itself, the grey zone falsly accused the mistress of marking the tomb with
a cold butter knife which caused us all to fall and flee into the arms of our unknown
foster pets."
The words he spoke were nonsense, every moron would've seen that, the man was clearly
delusional, crazy, completely out of wack and a danger to himself and everyone around
him. But still, I couldn't help myself but listen to the wonderous tales he had to
offer, listening to him was like jumping into the rabit hole while on acid.
"That's great Mark, but what happened to the gifts?" I asked with curiosity seaping out
of every opening of my body. The grey walls and barely functioning lightbulb did their
best but failed at stealing away the colour of the poor man's gibberish.
"The gifts? There were no gifts, presents could hardly be tolerated in this time of
muck and fancy, do you believe a colourfull wrapped box with a
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 4 25
"You can be anything you want" she said the day I left, a little encouragment for the journey
I was about to embark on. At least, that's what she thought she said, what I heard wasn't nearly
as good as that, what I heard was neither a wish for luck or an advice for the future, it was
an insult thrown on the pile of abuse I had already lived through.
Father was just a bag of nothing, lying there, sating his thirst with fluids of questionable
origin. We didn't talk, whenever we exchanged words it wasn't a conversation, it was him shouting
and me crying, I was nothing to him and I would stay nothing, just a pile of animated garbage,
ready to be thrown out at any moment, he made that very clear every single day.
So when I was old enough, I decided to leave, I took nothing with me besides a black garbage bag,
fitting don't you think, garbage throwing itself out, taking a bag with him to clean itself up,
the irony could've been considered comedy, but it wasn't that that caused the smile on m
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 7 19
Show me, is there ever anything more to say then nothing?
Is the silence better broken with music or laughter?
Listen to it and hear it's beauty and wonder.
Eliminate the noise of anger and fear,
Not with a yell and a scream or angry words.
Curse not your foe but sooth him.
Enlighten his thoughts with the sound of emptyness.
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 4 3
An ode to the doctor
Do you not see?
Time, with all it's curves and endless beauty,
A tree with branches, each it's own fruit.
Seeing all those paths and ends is such a hoot.
Cause how can you tell if I'm late or not,
if in so many cases, "on time" is what you've got.
This wibbly wobbly timey wimey isn't too much,
when you see the options, splits, ends and such.
So step in my box and allow me to show,
The dangers and horrors of the universe below.
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 5 0
A chair filled, a desk forgotten, this is my place, my destiny,
to sit here with envy and anger as lifes pass by, surrounding me
with their existence, suffocating an already buried mind,
gasping for some much needed air.
Must this be where I am?
Alone yet surrounded by others, chained to a treadmill by myself,
moving forward but staying in the same place at all times unable
to break the shackles I strap on myself ever so tightly.
I am just a contamination in the body of the world, trying to take
it's piece to survive but constantly stricken down, just an unwanted
contaminent in a harsh environment.
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 5 7
The Stream
The summerdays went on for years, neverending for this lonely character.
If there was ever a day I considered my best, then this one wouldn't
be it, the water flowing ever faster, ever slower, never fast enough.
The red string that extended itself further and further into the distance
had seemed so innocent and playfull, were it not for it's point of origin,
a lifeless husk that one might've called friend some time ago, that I
called friend some time ago.
The deed was over so fast, too fast, a stumble, a knife, a gasp and a sigh
was all that was needed to lead to this , could I have prevented it?
The answer was clear as day yet thick as mud, this question, when asked by
a tearfull face to a friend of loved one, he would hear "of course not" but
when asked to the mind behind the tears, then it would echo throughout my
thoughts "yes".
Now, all that remained in the rubble of this disaster was an empty husk,
never to live or love again, and the corpse of his best friend, floating
down the
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 7 7
A strange witness
sun passes by, shadows reform,
a man tormented by his remorse,
for long ago, it hit him hard,
a duck forsaw his own demise,
as it was witness to what he'd done,
the duck for one, had to die.
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 6 20
Deus ex animus
God lies in the mind,
Thoughts swirl 'round, ever so fast,
sentences shatter, never to last,
images fade, never to return,
bonds left alone, ready to burn.
If God lies in the mind, in imagination and ideas,
Then how does god not know of the enormous seas,
of voices and screams, unheard and scared,
crumbling under the weight they always beared.
For it is God that lies within our brain,
ignorant and reluctant to hear our pain,
we scream and shout, hoping for a clue,
to the answer for what it is we have to do.
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 6 20
It was me who caused this.
The priest walks down the aisle, his head held up high,
showing strength for those in sorrow, for the heads whithout
the will to rise.
"We have gathered here today, to pay our tribute and respect to
a friend, a son, a brother..."
I look up and watch him as he says his kind words.
I shouldn't be here, I have hurt everyone here,
I made them come here to remember their loss, what am I doing here.
"A child of god, who was called to join the holy spirit too soon,
too soon..."
I can't even remember why I did it, why I took their son, his brother,
their friend, her lover...
"He may not be with us today, but his smile, his sense of humor
will remain in our memories forever, as he rests in heaven,
joined by our great father..."
Stop, just stop, don't ignore me! I killed him! Blame me, hate me, RESENT ME!
"Please come forward, and say your last goodbye"
The family rises and slowly walks up to the coffin.
the mother cries and can't get herself to speak.
The father stays
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 8 47
The Architects Chapter 1
Chapter 1: A new design
"Halt you deviant, stop in the name of unity!"
My legs heard the warning but chose not to listen, they continued leading me to a destination unknown.
The unifiers didn't cease their pursuit and they didn't look like they would stop anytime soon,as one would expect from the worlds finest law enforcers,
I always found the term "enforcer" quite apropriate, they force their laws on those that refuse to follow with ruthless efficiency.
My legs were moving slower and slower, I knew they were almost at their limit, but that's ok, they've done all they can.
The unifiers caught up to me and surrounded my lonesome self,
"On account of unity law 115 section 12, all outstanding clothes that show individuality are prohibited and will be confiscated at once" said the commander of the unifier squad, they don't have a name, they never do.
"No, please, these socks belonged to my grand mother, I loved her, please don't take them away, it's all I  have left of her!" why
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 2 58
The Architects Ch1 p2
Chapter 1: A new design
Part 2: The usual innocent criminal
My legs complained and cried in pain as I tried to make my way to my so called "home",
it wasn't mine, it was appointed to me by unity law 52 section 3, I doubt it was his choice to let me live in him.
The glares struck as lightning, who could blame them, you don't get to see a man losing his pride and dignity everyday.
When I arrived at the place I was obliged to live in,
my eyes couldn't help but whisper "they're here too" as they saw the unifiers standing in front of the door.
"Citizen, you are hereby placed under a code red lockdown, you're house will be searched for other devious items such as clothing or weaponry wich will be confiscated upon finding."
My house was clean, the last bit of myself that I kept safe was already taken.
I was ordered to stay outside and wait for further orders, as if I had somewhere to go to.
The unifiers had finally finished their fruitless search, or so I thought.
"Citizen 15669, you are here
:iconc3pown:C3POwn 2 14


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Well, project "zork-stuck" fell flat pretty hard, I couldn't find the right people to RP with and my tumblr received little to no attention, so I gave up on it.

But now, I have a new Idea that I would want to work out but I'm not quite sure how yet. My idea is to write a "fighting fantasy" style story where the reader can make choices and battle using a system I haven't fully worked out yet. Now, I am between two choices for it at the moment, either I'll make it like a "fighting fantasy" book and upload everything when it's done, or, I'll first write the beginning, then offer a couple choices and I will base the following part on whichever choice gets the most comments. Now, choice 1 is I think easier and more reliable to do but it'll take a lot longer, choice 2 would be more fun and allow me to improvise more but it'll only work when the parts get enough comments. So yeah, I'm not sure yet which option I'll go with, so I'd like you to tell me what you think of it and whether or not you'll read the parts and comment your choices.

I'd love to hear from you guys :)
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